Giving the Words Space

Already it’s been four full weeks since I have sat down at the computer to write. We were so busy getting the house cleaned and rooms finished before the guests came; then they came and the time together was so sweet; now they have gone and we are settling into a summer vacation type of rhythm. During all these weeks, the words have wanted to come, helping me contemplate and digest all that was happening around me. Some have found space in my journal; most continue to roll around in my brain, attempting to merge in a way that makes sense. Really it’s the tap of the computer keys and the goal of a weekly blog post that seems the best platform for giving those words the space they need. My decision to blog feels appropriate and that is encouraging.

Now to hack my way through the jungle of thoughts, ideas and words to hopefully discover a good place to begin….


About doralynelle

A would-be writer, stay-at-home mother of three, I find joy in the smallest things, love to laugh and can be super grumpy. Reading, writing, yoga and running are my favorite free-time activites, although enjoying a nice red wine is pretty high on the list too. Living in Germany as an American gives me lots to think about and certaintly to write about.
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