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Refor-what? or My True Feelings About Halloween

I’ll admit it: I pretend I’m not home on Halloween. You can call me a Halloween-Scrooge if you want (and some people have), but there are reasons for my darkened doorway. Halloween has never been a favorite time – the … Continue reading

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Lost in the Noise

Like any first-time mom, I wanted to do everything right. I had begun gathering clues about raising children already years before, probably since a teenager. Those first babysitting experiences provided exposure in dealing with small children in a non-committal way … Continue reading

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This week I have decided to take a break. There are various reasons behind it, but our two and a half week Herbstferien (Herbst meaning autumn and Ferien meaning holidays) from school (not actually my break, but the kids’ and … Continue reading

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Out of the Chaos

My garden developed into a big disappointment this year. As always I was full of anticipation with the dark earth turned and ready for seeds to cover and protect, until each began its journey up and out. Our house was … Continue reading

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Replanted Part Two: Roots Remaining

When I was replanted to Germany, it did not come without a price, just as when a bush is replanted, it does not come without some risk to the plant’s health. The master gardener will mark with his shovel an … Continue reading

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