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Regaining Balance

Last Friday I was geared up to wish you all a happy Mother Language Day, as February 21st is International Mother Language Day, designated by UNESCO. The day has been observed since 2000 in the hopes of promoting “linguistic and … Continue reading

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Before and After

Last Friday afternoon we had one of those “before and after” moments, meaning at one particular point in time everything changed. From now on we will be able to look back and say, “Yup, that Friday was the day.” It … Continue reading

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To The Extreme

When I first started this blog, I promised (or rather warned about) regular posts about the German weather. It (the weather) seems worthy of this (the posting) because it’s never what one expects it to be. It may or may … Continue reading

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Fill Up My Cup

Yesterday as I sat in the car with my family, I had one of those, what I like to call “overflowing”, moments. We had just left our friends with whom we had spent the weekend, and I was overwhelmed with … Continue reading

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