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Izzy Squared

With much thanks to Molly Burke-Mattocks and Kari Vandervelde, and of course, their Izzy girls. Please stop by and read their blogs and One night, as is so often the case, I couldn’t shut off my thoughts. I … Continue reading

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Strange Feelings in the Season of Spring

To make it short and to release you from the question that I’m sure has been nagging at you all week – my television fast was a disaster. I failed miserably and completely. How it happened, I can’t really say. … Continue reading

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An Exercise in Fasting

What follows were my thoughts and experiences about fasting last year. I’ll write next week about how my television fast from last year turned out and how I’m fasting this year. Be sure to tune in! The season of Lent … Continue reading

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Regaining Balance

Last Friday I was geared up to wish you all a happy Mother Language Day, as February 21st is International Mother Language Day, designated by UNESCO. The day has been observed since 2000 in the hopes of promoting “linguistic and … Continue reading

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Before and After

Last Friday afternoon we had one of those “before and after” moments, meaning at one particular point in time everything changed. From now on we will be able to look back and say, “Yup, that Friday was the day.” It … Continue reading

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Saving the World One Good Intention at a Time

Last week I downloaded a virus. Congratulations, Dora! I spent hours doing my best to rid the computer of the nasty bug and playing with settings I didn’t understand. Patrick spent even more hours doing his best to rid the … Continue reading

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In This Moment

“In This Moment”: it could be mean anything and nothing. It could be one of those things people say without much thought, making you cringe on the inside as you think, yeah, yeah, words to say. That was part of … Continue reading

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