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In This Moment

“In This Moment”: it could be mean anything and nothing. It could be one of those things people say without much thought, making you cringe on the inside as you think, yeah, yeah, words to say. That was part of … Continue reading

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Breaking Hearts

Tuesday I sat at the computer, all geared up to let loose on my newest blog post. I sat staring at the blank page, considering. Usually some conversation or event is my Bunsen burner. It gives heat to a topic … Continue reading

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Giving the Words Space

Already it’s been four full weeks since I have sat down at the computer to write. We were so busy getting the house cleaned and rooms finished before the guests came; then they came and the time together was so … Continue reading

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When I’m Well

Luckily I had been warned. I knew I wouldn’t meet the same man I had once known and this information gave me consolation. He wouldn’t be the energetic, opinionated, articulate man who had welcomed me, along with his wife, into … Continue reading

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To Blog or Not to Blog

Finally, finally I was able to open up to my husband and share about my inner-writing conflicts. I’m not sure that he really understands me, although he is trying, but actually I’m not sure anyone understands me. But who really … Continue reading

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