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Language Salat(d)

Language salat(d) is commonly served up at our house. It’s colorful with heavily-accented English words thrown randomly into German sentences. Or in my case when an English word hides somewhere in the chaos of my brain, the German word steps … Continue reading

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Regaining Balance

Last Friday I was geared up to wish you all a happy Mother Language Day, as February 21st is International Mother Language Day, designated by UNESCO. The day has been observed since 2000 in the hopes of promoting “linguistic and … Continue reading

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When a Clan Gathers

When a clan gathers, it is beautiful. Even when the reason for the gathering demands solemnity and sadness, it remains beautiful, perhaps only then becoming perfect. This past week I have observed a clan gathering around its matriarch. She is … Continue reading

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A Tiny Bit

A riddle: What do a goose, paper lanterns and sweet yeast pretzels all have in common? If you’re German the answer should be obvious; if you’re North American you are probably shrugging your shoulders. The answer: St. Martin’s Day So … Continue reading

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Heart Language

When I’m at the soccer field cheering for Liam in English, it’s not unusual to hear other comments being yelled in Albanian, Dutch or Turkish. While skipping around the gym during our weekly mother and child fun exercise hour, I’m … Continue reading

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When I’m Well

Luckily I had been warned. I knew I wouldn’t meet the same man I had once known and this information gave me consolation. He wouldn’t be the energetic, opinionated, articulate man who had welcomed me, along with his wife, into … Continue reading

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