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Language Salat(d)

Language salat(d) is commonly served up at our house. It’s colorful with heavily-accented English words thrown randomly into German sentences. Or in my case when an English word hides somewhere in the chaos of my brain, the German word steps … Continue reading

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Heart Language

When I’m at the soccer field cheering for Liam in English, it’s not unusual to hear other comments being yelled in Albanian, Dutch or Turkish. While skipping around the gym during our weekly mother and child fun exercise hour, I’m … Continue reading

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Replanted: Coming Home to a Foreign Place

Germany has been calling to me my whole life. It began with the stories of my aunt and uncles who had spent a year or more of their lives there, learning the language and eating “good German food”. As a … Continue reading

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You Never Know

It’s impossible to live in Germany and NOT talk about the weather. Wherever you go and with whomever you speak, the first topic of conversation is always the weather, not because Germans like small talk (in fact most Germans are … Continue reading

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The Enigma of the German “Sie”

For anyone who has learned a foreign language, the sympathy will most likely be inevitable. You will recognize that feeling of having to make constant choices while speaking, not really sure if the one you just made was the best. … Continue reading

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